Assisted Stretching at Myopress

We couldn’t let the year end without sharing that Myopress® is now a Certified Stretching facility! Always looking for ways to improve clients’ lives, this specialization combines Ephraim’s knowledge of neuromuscular therapy and pain management to help you stay healthy.


Stretching is a simple but crucial activity that too many overlook. Assisted stretching takes the benefits of regular, solo stretching up a notch with the help of a professional to achieve a deeper, more healing stretch. Another way to personalize your fitness journey, here’s why you should try a customized Assisted Stretching treatment plan at Myopress®:

3 Benefits of Assisted Stretching:

#1 – Increases range of motion
Have you ever felt like you just couldn’t REACH your full potential? You’re not alone, and issues with mobility are not uncommon among many people, especially as we age. Assisted stretching is a pain-free way to improve the health of joints and prevent injuries caused by a lack of range of motion. The limitations in the body are addressed using assisted stretching techniques that help alleviate the pain associated with immobility.

#2 – Decreases muscle soreness/stiffness
Many clients suffer from tight muscles that can lead to injury. Because of this, it is very important to regularly release the knots and spasms inside the body’s muscles. Assisted stretching helps aid recovery of the muscles and prepares them for active use. It can also help eliminate joint pain and improve your energy levels helping you to feel open and refreshed.

#3 – Helps with flexibility
Proper stretching and flexibility are key to enhancing the body’s ability to heal and recover from physical activity. Assisted stretching ensures this process is done safely and properly, allowing clients to produce better results geared to an individual’s personal challenges. Flexibility within our bodies also decreases stress and helps to resolve neuromuscular imbalances.

The power of stretching is undeniable, and with assisted stretching, we want to take your body to the next level, whether you’re a professional athlete or a weekend warrior! Schedule an appointment with us today.

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About Myopress®:

Myopress Inc.® is a licensed neuromuscular therapy clinic with offices in Houston and Cypress Texas. Owner Ephraim Colwell has over 15 years of experience and is eager to solve your pain problems using his expertise in the body’s neuromuscular system. Call, email, or come by to book an appointment! Rates start at $85/hr & all new clients receive $20 off their first session.

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