When to Avoid Neuromuscular Massage Therapy

We often talk about the amazing benefits of neuromuscular massage therapy, and while it may seem like a simple service that would be great for anyone with chronic pain, this is not always the case. There are a few specific situations where massage therapy is not recommended. Let’s explore some of those conditions that could prevent you from becoming a client at Myopress.

First, let’s start with an explanation of how neuromuscular therapy works. NMT is a specialized form of massage therapy that is used to address chronic pain in muscles. By applying precise pressure to trigger points within the body, a licensed NMT is able to release knots that cause limitations, thus encouraging pain relief and the restoration of proper function.

When NOT to get Neuromuscular Therapy

For the safety of the client, the following instances are when NMT cannot be performed at all:

Ligament damage – For example a torn ACL, PCL, or MCL 

Grade 2 or 3 muscle tears – Muscle strains can be categorized into three grades, based on the severity

Tendon Tears – Although fairly uncommon, a tendon rupture can be a serious problem and may result in permanent disability

Pinched nerve due to herniated disc – Typically develops when the spongy cushions in the spine break open or become damaged

Contraindications of NMT

Below are additional conditions that could cause harm to you and require caution before proceeding with neuromuscular therapy:

  • Connective tissue disease, E.g. osteomyelitis, lupus, scleroderma: no deep massage work is recommended.
  • Embolism or Thrombus: a) Venous emboli – usually land in the lungs causing a pulmonary embolism. b) Arterial emboli – can lodge themselves in the coronary arteries (heart attack); the brain (stroke), the kidneys, or the legs (phlebitis).
  • Epileptics: A licensed NMT should avoid hyperventilation or high levels of sympathetic arousal (eg., from painful work).
  • Uncontrollable and extremely high blood pressure: Clients with circulatory issues should inform their massage therapist and the licensed professional should not work in a way that makes clients hold their breath or use positions that require the head to be lower than the body.  Deep work on uncontrolled high blood pressure patients should be with medical supervision and deep bodywork often RAISES blood pressure,
  • Pregnancy: The rule of thumb for NMT here is absolutely no deep work. Pregnant women are thought to be at a greater risk of triggering a miscarriage by deep work during the first 3 months. Later in pregnancy, this is thought to be less likely.


Although an NMT massage can release the muscle knots that cause soreness and make you feel better, there are times when you should pass. If you have a serious or chronic illness, be sure to check with your doctor before getting an NMT massage, and inform the massage therapist.


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